Laima's Mission...

Laima Ceramics is a collection of tableware rooted in infusion of art,
craftsmanship and design.

“Nestled in the deep countryside of Latvia, I design and create unique items to become part of your life story, things intended to make the otherwise mundane tasks of cooking, eating and drinking full of mindfulness, care and beauty.
I hope to inspire a desire within you to think carefully about the objects you have in your life. It is important to me to provide you with the best quality and long-term durability. I believe in handmade, well made and slowly made.
I want to restore the balance of unique items against the mass products that surround us. I believe that cultivating an attitude of care towards objects will reflect in our relationships and, on a larger scale, our worldview. My aim is to make tableware that brings a little quiet beauty into everyday life. I hope for a future where all things around us are made in the spirit of gratitude and joy, honouring nature and everything upon it.” - Laima