Why Shop Parabello?

Parabello curates products from brands and people who embody ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible values.

We are mindful of the impact our business has on both the environment and society, and encourage our customers to make informed, responsible purchasing decisions.

Our collection features visually stunning and functional products crafted with longevity in mind, utilizing sustainable practices throughout production.

By shopping with us, you support the empowerment of hardworking families and underrepresented communities.

Join us in making conscientious shopping decisions that make a positive difference for our shared future.

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The Parabello Story...

At Parabello, we curate products from brands and individuals who share our values of ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Entrepreneurship runs in my blood. I was fortunate to grow up witnessing both of my parents successfully running their own businesses. Their dedication inspired me, and my own journey led me to manage stores for Follain, a remarkable clean beauty company.

It was in those moments at that sweet shop on Charles Street where I truly found my calling. Creating a welcoming and fun environment for customers became my passion, as I thrived on fostering a friendly atmosphere for all who entered.

Above all, my passion lies in supporting small businesses. I believe in the power they possess to uplift hardworking families and strengthen communities. It is through these enterprises that my own family provided me with everything I have today and molded me into the person I am.

Parabello represents my vision of shopping the way it should be—a place where products are crafted by individuals who are respected and cherished by their employers. Somewhere along the way, this fundamental principle got lost in the pursuit of cheaper products.

I aim to build a haven where every purchase you make contributes to the betterment of our communities.

Join me on this journey at Parabello, where we strive to restore the true essence of commerce—one that supports hardworking families and celebrates the craftsmanship and care that goes into each and every product we carry.

- Milena DelVecchio, Founder of Parabello