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Authentic Palo Santo Holly Wood Stick from Peru 1 Stick

One Size Fits All

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Genuine Palo Santo: Sourced directly from the heart of Peru, our Palo Santo sticks are sustainably harvested from fallen branches of the sacred Bursera graveolens tree. Embrace the authentic essence of this revered wood. Natural Aromatherapy: Ignite the stick and allow the soothing fragrance of Palo Santo to fill the air. Its sweet, woody scent creates a tranquil ambiance, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Cleansing Properties: Known for centuries as a powerful cleansing agent, Palo Santo clears negative energies and purifies your space, promoting harmony and balance. Meditation Aid: Elevate your meditation practice with the grounding properties of Palo Santo. Enhance focus, clarity, and spiritual connection during your sessions. One-of-a-Kind: Each stick is hand-selected, ensuring its quality, potency, and uniqueness. Experience the natural beauty and energy of Palo Santo with every use. Palo Santo, Palo Santo from Peru, Holly Wood Stick, Natural Aromatherapy